SAITIC is here

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to inform you that the first Asturian union in our sector is born, named ‘Sindicato Asturiano Independiente de las TIC’ also known as SAITIC , created solely with the purpose of fighting for the rights of the working people of Information Technology sector and the sector itself.

We are integrated within a greater federation of unions named SAIF (Sindicatos Asturianos Independientes Federados), or also known traditionally as USIPA (Unión de Sindicatos Independientes del Principado de Asturias), being the first union of the federation SAIF where many other Asturian unions like us are integrated.

Together we are stronger, thus we collaborate with each other for the rights of the Asturian working people in all the sectors of the economy: public and private.

All our efforts and energies are just to fight for your rights.

We count on your support!