Sector Companies

According to the Nacional Economical Activities Classification (CNAE 2009) IT sector in Asturias has gone from 535 companies in 2008 to 863 in 2017, plus all the new companies set up in 2018 where there is not statistic yet.

SAITIC supports ALL the workers in these companies as well as working for subcontractors.

You can check online on the IDEPA website the official directory with all the main companies. There are 4 IDEPA codes belonging to IT sector:

CNAE 2009: 61. Telecomunicaciones 

Telecomunicaciones  (.xls)

CNAE 2009: 62. Programación, consultoría y otras actividades relacionadas con la informática

ProgramacionConsultoriaOtras (.xls)

CNAE 2009: 63. Servicios de información

ServiciosInformacion  (.xls)

CNAE 2009: 58.29 Edición de otros programas informáticos

EdicionOtrosProgramas  (.xls)

Offical source:

This has been the sector evolution over the last 10 years:

Download the chart in pdf format